Project References

Vietnam Royal city, Hanoi Butterfly valves with electric actuator,PRV Bayard,Omeax
Vietnam shipyard ball valves Sferaco
Vietnam Royal city, Hanoi Water meter with wifi devise Sferaco/Bmeter
Thailand EGAT circulation CP makeup circulation pump Bayard
Thailand Industry, daily sales Needle valves with electic actuator Omeax
Indonesia Indominco, coal mining Butterfly valves sea water Bayard
Indonesia Indominco Check valves,full SS316 Sferaco
Indonesia Palyjia, Waterworks Check valves Bayard
Indonesia Building, HVAC Electric actuator Omeax
Indonesia High raise building Pressure reducing valves Bayard
Philippines Manila water Pressure reducing valves, check valves Bayard
India Alstom ball valves Sferaco
Singapore Building, Watersupply Monostab, PRV, Air valves Bayard
Singapore shipyard PRV with anti-cavitation Bayard
Hongkong Industry Zone Safety valves Sectoriel
Hongkong Tuen Mun, sub-sea Tunnel section Knife gate valves with pneumatic actuator TECOFI
South Korea KTC test facilities Water meter with pulse Sferaco
China Daramic battery Butterfly valves with pneumatic actuator Sectoriel
China Agriculture farm Hospital QI QI HA ER Butterfly valves Omeax
China Aviation University Changchun Butterfly valves Omeax
China Science and technology university, Changchun Butterfly valves Omeax
China North west university Butterfly valves Omeax
China Harbin medical university Butterfly valves Omeax
China CBD New Zhujiang Pearl city, Guanghzou Butterfly valves Omeax
China Arrow candy Co,.Ltd, Guangzhou Butterfly valves Omeax
China Fengshun holiday Resort, Guangdong Butterfly valves Omeax
China Datacenter, Sanshui, Guangdong Butterfly valves Omeax
China Jinhai Pulp & Paper, Hainan Butterfly valves Omeax